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Results-oriented conversation designed for women (by a woman) to help you be in control and master your money efficiently

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Personal coaching support and affirmation to develop happier, healthier relationships around money and wealth

Real Conversation

Become aware of what you've done right, where you can improve, and how to effectively reach your highest potential

Tired of Money Being an Obstacle?

Let's face it. Everyone deals with money stuff: the emotional, practical and spiritual challenges that get in the way of you being financially aligned with your highest potential. If this bugs you, then it means you have high standards, as you should. Frustration, though, isn't enough. You need to take action.

When you are ready to feel more clarity, peace and harmony in your relationships around money and wealth, Dianne Juhl would like to offer you a Vantage Strategy Consultation, an exclusive session dedicated to creating your own breakthroughs. You bring what things you'd like coaching around, and Dianne will offer laser-focused, actionable insight.

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Positive Relationship With Money and Wealth

"Talk Money To Me"

Dianne Juhl is the CEO and founder of The Feminine Face of Money. She provides guidance to women who are ready to feel more clarity, peace, and harmony around money and wealth. Dianne works with women to dissolve the emotional, practical, and spiritual challenges standing in the way of them being financially aligned with their highest potential.
Dianne's knowledge is your advantage.

I learned so much... You are doing a great thing for women around money, and I feel blessed to be a small part of it!!!"

Jessie R.

"Level the playing field between financial advisers and myself — that is what Dianne encouraged me to do and it worked. Dianne's people skills are amazing."

Carol W.

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"A master of improvisation and a brilliant, gifted story-finder, Dianne could teach both Carl Jung and Sherlock Holmes a thing or two about myth and mystery. She thoroughly understands how wealth affects a woman's dreams, because she's walked the path herself."

Deirdre D.

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